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Support Local Farmers and Foodpreneurs

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Together, we can ensure our local farms and food businesses thrive and our community understands and reaps the benefits of local food.

Our impact was tangible in 2023, and we appreciate your support!

  • For Farmers: Our kitchen team processed over 26,317 pounds of local produce, meat, cheese and honey to make products that give farmers year-round revenue.
  • For Producers: Over 1,000 hours were booked in our commercial kitchen by local food producers who would otherwise not have a place to launch their businesses.
  • For Everyone: We partnered with 3 senior centers, 5 schools, and 7 food pantries to improve access to local food for underserved communities.

Construction is underway on our incredibly transformative East End Food Hub at 139 Main Road in Riverhead, NY. The new facility will feed thousands of people in need while supporting the farmers and food producers who sustain and nourish the region.